Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Only in Bucks County: Newtown Brewing Company

The lure of a food truck that serves warm or chilled 
authentic Maine Lobster Rolls; along with nice enough weather to have lunch outside 
finally brought me to Newtown Brewing Company, which opened in October 2019 in a big 
industrial space on Penn's Trail in Newtown, PA.

I was impressed with Cousins Maine Lobster, (you can see from my photos that my "Connecticut Roll" looked as amazing as it tasted), but I was even more impressed with Newtown Brewing Co! 

It was our first time there, and the staff were all very friendly and accommodating. If anyone knows Dave (I call him “Famous Dave”) who I believe is the General Manager, make sure he sees this!
He went out of his way to make us feel welcome and comfortable.

This was our first time eating indoors in over a year since the Coronavirus pandemic hit. 
(I wonder if we'll ever look back at this challenging time of COVID as a distant memory?) 
Everything was clean & spacious and spread out, and Richard and I both felt safe and comfortable in the large and airy taproom.
 We ordered a few beers, went out to the food truck and got our lunch, then had another cold beer with our meal. There were four large picnic tables and a decent amount of Adirondack chairs outside, but as I said, it was very spacious and airy indoors, so we opted to dine in. 
Newtown Brewing Company is a BYOF (Bring your own Food) establishment, but they do offer some snacks to nibble on, as well as a rotating food truck list.

We only had the lightest Lager on the list, but the beer was ice cold and delicious.
A young couple at the next table were sharing beer flights.
There were two hard seltzers on the menu that I considered, and I noticed that they also serve wine from a nearby winery. Like most craft breweries, entertainment is offered on the weekends, but it's the beer selection and the food truck choices that what will bring ME back.

If you're more into the live music scene, or enjoying some craft beers while competing in a Trivia Night, here's Newtown Brewing Co's upcoming entertainment schedule.

Newtown Brewing Company's address is 
103 Penn's Trail right off the Newtown Bypass in Newtown, Bucks County...
and I recommend that you follow them on their Facebook Page so you don't miss any updates!

Cheers to no-masks sometime soon!

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. 
Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” ~ Dave Barry, Humorist and writer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Only in Bucks County: Happy Houseplants

I know my blog is supposed to be about Bucks County, well, this post is about a house in Bucks County that has happy plants! I’ve never been interested in having houseplants until we moved into our forever home, which turns out to be just perfect for them!


When my best friend came to see the fixer upper my husband and I purchased in 2016, she walked in and almost immediately exclaimed, "It has good bones!"

I think it also has "good lighting" or "good humidity", or the right exposure, or whatever plants need to grow and be happy, because all of our plants are doing really well, and I keep adding to our collection. 

Add in the pandemic with us being home more often; blasting Country music while I cook, dancing to Salsa music on Saturday nights, and listening to the Rock and Roll of our high school years during game night... and they’re thriving!

Who ever thought I’d have a green thumb? Aside from a regular weekly watering, I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe it just takes... happiness... for them to be happy. 

Fun fact: My sister in law names all her houseplants.

(I’m not that crazy... YET!)

Currently, she has two “Money Trees” she's named "Daddy Warbucks"

and "Jeff Bezos".

A trio of herb plants in her Kitchen window named Monkey, Tarzan, and Jane. 

An air plant that is only to be misted that she calls "Misty",

and an Aloe plant named VERA!

Here’s some more of our green gang in their natural habitat:

Pictured below is our newest addition. I do feel like I should name it! :-) 
 It’s Richard’s Valentines Day gift, which I’ve had hiding on a sunny windowsill
behind a larger plant for about a week now. 

It was the last one at the store, and I just had to have it! I know he’ll love it too. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

“Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.”
~Linda Solegato

Friday, January 29, 2021

Only in Bucks County: Alia’s Wow Balloons


Meet Alia from Alia's WOW Balloons! 

39 again... January 6, 2021

Me, with my crazy curly COVID hair, my favorite dog-walking ski hat, one arm full of pots and pans because all I do is cook and clean up since the pandemic hit, the other hand walking Fergie... Alia NAILED it! I have never laughed so hard!

Announcing to the world that I'm not really 39 again... and I that I love beer.

I had seen Alia "twisting" (that's insider language for making balloon art, lol) at a couple of events and fundraisers around town, but I didn't realize just how creative and talented she was at her craft.

I was absolutely "WOWed" by the Yard Art balloons I was surprised with from Alia's WOW Balloons on my birthday a few weeks ago. I couldn't stop thinking about how cool they were, what a completely amazing gift they are, and what a unique occupation this is; so I decided to reach out to the Bristol Township 19-year old and interview her. Alia should be very proud of her accomplishments and I hope you'll consider her for yard art, a birthday party, or other event. Here's what she had to say!

I've seen you here in Bristol Borough, but I have good friends in Newtown and Yardley.
 Do you deliver there and include a delivery fee?
I deliver to Newtown and Yardley without delivery fees.
Actually, I deliver all over Bucks County, and when the virus calms down I'll deliver to Philadelphia and New Jersey.
(That was my one business question. Here are Alia's answers to the FUN questions!)

Why balloon art... what made you start working with balloons?
I have always been into arts and crafts and I used to see balloon art at events and thought it looked pretty cool, so why not try it?

How long have you been doing this twisting?
I have been twisting balloon animals as a hobby for about 7 years, but I made it a business about 1 year ago.

I'm assuming you went to Truman... what year did you graduate?
I went to Bucks County Technical High School and graduated in 2019.

People can hire you for your awesome Yard Arts, but you’ll go to events too...
can you explain that aspect of your business to me?
I'd go to events pretty often before the pandemic, some events pay me and then I give out free balloons; other times I actually pay to be at an event and charge folks to create balloon art right in front of them.

What's the most challenging yard art you’ve ever done?
The hardest yard art I ever made was my Statue Of Liberty!

Favorite yard art request ever? 
My favorite type of yard arts are what I like to call look-a-likes; the parents really don't have a theme, but they tell me everything about the birthday person and I can add in so many different details and fully make it custom ,and all about the birthday person! That's what we did for you.
 Of course I get a lot of requests for Superheros, Princesses, Disney Characters, and other cartoon characters, which are always fun to surprise kids with.

Do you love what you do?
I LOVE what I do! Especially when I see giant smiles on everyone's faces, and when I hear how much joy I put in their hearts. I absolutely love twisting balloons and using my creative mind to put a smile on everyone's face! I work with all ages, too!  I also donate a percentage of my profits to my Uncle's charity for football scholarships for student's books.

You're on Facebook at Alia's WOW Balloons...are you on Instagram too?
I am also on Instagram!

Alia recently went to an intensive three day training class. 
I didn't know balloon art training even existed!

You've GOT to check out her work on her social media pages.
 She even just made Jefferson and Eliza yard arts from Hamilton, The Musical!

Alia will generally give you a discount on your second Yard Art if you order more than one.
You can contact her through her social media pages or via email at