Friday, February 9, 2018

Only in Bucks County: Tinicum Polo

The Groundhog may have said six more weeks of winter, but I'm cold, and I'm bored, and I'm thinking ahead to warm weather, spring and summer. 
If you Daytrippers, Weekend Warriors, and Staycationers are looking for something really different (and SO "Bucks County") to do, I have the perfect thing for you, beginning in May. A Polo Match!

You and your family or a group of friends can catch a real Polo March at Tinicum Park in Upper Bucks County every Saturday from May through September. You'll be amazed as the horses thunder past you, you'll learn what a Chukka is, you'll meet the ponies and the players, and you and your friends can do a divot stomp at halftime.

Parking costs $10 and you can pull right up to the sidelines and set up a tent, some chairs, or a blanket with a picnic lunch. And for someone like me who lives in yoga pants; or Richard who lives in tee-shirts and jeans, it's a fabulous excuse to wear polo shirts and pearls!




Tinicum Park Polo Club will celebrate its 25 anniversary this year. Numerous events are planned for the 2018 season to mark the occasion, including a Black Tie Gala, special tournaments, and a Wine and Polo Event. Opening day is May 25th, and the rest of the schedule is here. Richard and I had such a fun afternoon when we went, and I'd love to go back with a larger group this season!


"There's no snobbery or resentment from serious polo people towards those who just came for 
the party" ~ Kate Reardon

Monday, January 29, 2018

Only in Bucks County: A Winter Walk at Princeton University

I had a business lunch in Princeton last week and decided to stroll the University campus afterwards. With the trees bare, the architecture of the buildings really stood out, and I felt more like I was in Europe than New Jersey. Each building is designed very differently but they all fall under the style of Collegiate Gothic. There are many impressive English Tudor and Gothic-style buildings throughout the campus. Princeton University is close to Bucks County and is the perfect place to grab lunch and go for an architectural stroll!

Blair Hall (Dorms)

Alexander Hall

Henry Hall, student housing.

Blair Arch

Nassau Hall, Princeton's oldest building.

I purposely didn't post the names of all of the buildings I passed so that you can walk around taking your own tour of Princeton's magnificent campus! Or, take a building by building virtual tour here.

A gorgeous view as I exited the campus, even on a winter's day.
And, it turned out I parked in front of a cupcake bakery!

"We shape our buildings, therefore they shape us."
~Winston Churchill

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