Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Only in Bucks County: Summer Flowers and Front Porches

Here are ten things that I love:

1. The American flag
2. Container gardens
3. Walking and exploring
4. Family friendly towns
5. Historic details
6. Late summer flowers
7. July and August nights
8. The hour or two before the sun sets
9. Wrought Iron
10. Front Porches

I feel so fortunate that Bristol Borough has them all!

Here are some photos I've taken just walking around as the light begins to fade each day.
I think some of these shots are absolutely gorgeous and they remind me of my travels to other American towns like Newport Rhode Island, Savannah Georgia and Spring Lake, New Jersey.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Only in Bucks County: Radcliffe Street

Hello everybody!
So... my downstairs neighbor accidentally set our house on fire. Everybody and everything is fine, but I'm staying with my fiance in Bristol Borough for the next six or seven weeks until the smoke damage is remediated and the structural damage is repaired. My blogging goal for the summer is to post about life here in Bristol as much as possible for two reasons... one is for me to learn more about the town and the special things it has to offer; and the other to bring attention to what an amazing little town it is.
Let's start with Radcliffe Street, as that's where we are living.
Radcliffe Street runs parallel to the Delaware River, with rows of brownstone buildings and magnificent mansions with beautifully landscaped lawns and hydrangea-filled gardens behind wrought iron fences.
Bristol was a hub for shipping and industry in the late 1800's and that's when many of the grand Greek Revival style homes were built along Radcliffe Street by the wealthy owners of mills and factories. More homes were built along Radcliffe Street over the next 20-30 years in the Colonial Revival style; with their columned porches, classical details like swags and urns, and gabled roofs. Each one is different and there's a tremendous amount of pride in the upkeep and care of these large homes. If you like old houses, you've got to come take a long walk up and down this tree lined street!