Monday, May 28, 2012

Baltimore is For The Socially Responsible

Another one of the great things about Bucks County are the things that are available to do when you're NOT in Bucks County. What I mean by that is our proximity to so many other great places to visit. This weekend we got in the car and arrived at Towson University in Baltimore County just two hours later. And not only was Sam's college graduation amazing, something else about the Baltimore area grabbed my attention and was pretty amazing! Everything was so GREEN, and I don't mean the trees.

It took me by surprise, but our visit helped me to see that Baltimore is the most socially conscious and eco-friendly city I've ever been to. Other towns could learn a lesson from the City of Baltimore... Bucks County included. I know from my year with Reuseyourshoes that there are plenty of people here who wish to give to those less fortunate. I know from my work with O Wow Cow Creamery that many of us want to continue to support our own small businesses and local farmers.

Baltimore's system for reducing its carbon footprint by using less energy, by recycling, and through better food choices was evident everywhere we went. This is a city which even enrolls the help of its tourists to help their homeless. A city that has a brand-spanking-new two block long building which provides healthcare for the homeless. Environmental sustainability and local sourcing were evident almost everywhere we went.
Can we copy some of these ideas right here in Bucks County?
Any ideas how can we all come together to make this the very best place possible to live?

The Charm City Circulator is completely free.
The mission was to take vehicles off the streets, and reduce pollution.

I noticed many premium parking spaces and deep discounts at city parking garages for eco-friendly cars.

.... and discounted tickets for people who bike to events!

Our hotel in the Inner Harbor offered this delicious, ice cold orange water
to guests instead of wasting plastic water bottles.

One-at-a-time fork and spoon dispensers at a coffee chain help to reduce waste.

Neighborhoods such as Roland Park and Hampden have dozens of independently owned shops,
 and many restaurants that support not only healthy eating, but local farmers.

Feed these parking meters situated near Camden Yards, and you'll help feed the homeless.

This wonderful shop in Hampden sells items you'd find in a Parisian Flea Market,
all pre-owned and of course, re-usable.

Iced tea doesn't need sugar when it's served with organic lemon and fresh mint!

Just-picked strawberries on Strawberry pancakes at Miss Shirley's.

My sis-in-law at he first restaurant I've ever been to that bears the cost of offering
 a natural sugar-free sweetener option.

The Baltimore Orioles make recycling easy with these "Fan Cans!"

The Graduate. 

"Listen up, you couch potatoes: each recycled beer can saves enough electricity
 to run a television for three hours."
-Denis Hayes, Coordinator of first April 22 Earth Day 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Only in Bucks County: A Haiku For Dog Lovers

   My dog needs a bath
                 It's been almost a whole year
                                     The girls will help out

                                         ONE HOT DOG!


Not THAT kind of bath!

A real bath!

                                                          "Now she smells so nice;
                                                         Like lavender, honey and spice."

Friday, May 4, 2012

Only in Bucks County: "This Town."

  After William Penn had laid out Philadelphia,
 his "great town" in 1682, he traveled north through a vast tract of land he had purchased from the local Indians. 28 miles northeast of Philadelphia, in the middle of trees that bordered a creek flowing to the Delaware River, he allegedly announced, "This is where I propose to build my 'New Town.'"

 In time, the name was shortened to Newtown, and for the past six years, this is where I've lived.

The main street... State Street, and especially Court Street ( in my opinion, the gem of Newtown)
 remind me very much of historic Society Hill in Philadelphia.
Newtown Borough is the perfect place to step back in time, or to take some photos!

Newtown's Summer Antique & Classic Auto Show.

State Street.

Court Street, Newtown Borough.

Halloween time.

 Maragret Thornton House, Court Street.

The Brick Hotel, circa 1763.

In the early 19th century, The Brick Hotel was a fashionable resort for wealthy Philadelphians
 who boated to Bristol and then took a coach to Newtown!

 Newtown Borough Residence.

Private Residence, Newtown Borough.

Interior of The Half-Moon Inn, Court Street.

 Half Moon Inn.

Fourth of July Parade.

Christmastime on Chancellor Street.

Bed for the Night... One Shilling.


After School.

November Afternoon.



State Street.

Store window at Thanksgiving time.

Secret Garden.

Court Street.

Philadelphia's Mummers visit Newtown.

Click and enjoy "This Town" by O.A.R 

 Remember to support YOUR town, and shop local.

P.S. Someone else likes it here too!