Monday, May 23, 2011

Newtown's Welcome Day 2011!

If you're reading this blog post, chances are we met you at one of the 5K Races we were at recently, or Newtown Welcome Day. Welcome Day was a wonderful opportunity to let folks know right here that someone will take their shoes when they are finished with them. We are the somewhere.  And we promise to get them to someone who needs them.

ReUseYourShoes came to be just seven short months ago and thanks to you we are now collecting about 10,000 pairs of shoes each month.  We work with local shelters and organizations who count on us for shoe donations, so please keep us in mind and got to one of our collection boxes.  ReUseYourShoes is also a way to keep them of a landfill!
We appreciate the warm welcome we received yesterday and we want to thank Newtown Welcome Day for inviting us to the event, and the reigning Miss Pennsylvania USA for making a guest appearance. We especially want to thank everyone who came to our booth to learn more about us. We also wanted to share some wonderful news!  The 16 year old high school student who won the "Flip Flops For The Family" basket came to our table at the end of the day to claim her prize.  She promptly opened the basket and placed each and every pair of shoes in our collection box!  We don't even know her name, but a special thank you goes to this generous young lady.

Miss Pennsylvania USA came to greet our guests and also donated ten pairs of her shoes!

A visit from The Zebra Striped Whale.

 We were also seranaded by The Bucks County Barbershop Singers!
This Newtown runner and his son "ran" home and got some shoes to donate!

Some of our friends!

     What a group!

Our new wristbands were a hit. Tee-shirts coming soon!
Reduce!          Recycle!        ReUseYourShoes!