Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only in Bucks County: Behold the Power of Twitter!

On Tuesday, I was a part of the coolest thing EVER that could come as a result of
my passion for (and support of) Bucks County and Twitter!

I was asked along with twelve others to tweet live from an event where basically every non-profit leader in the Bucks County was asked to collaborate on how we can all join forces and help each other. 

  Our mission, given to us by our incredibly innovative, creative, and well organized leader
Jamie Haddon of United Way of Bucks County, was simple:
 "Grab an iPad, and tweet out cool stuff you hear."
Our group of thirteen Tweeters put out over 2,000 tweets during the two and a half  hour Community Conversation, and our hashtag #BucksUnited trended as high as #3 across the United States,
enlightening perhaps tens of thousands to the beauty, camaraderie, and opportunities
in Bucks County.

I can't even begin to tell you how cool I felt tweeting from both my phone & iPad at the same time!

And speaking of camaraderie, the other thing that was so wonderful about this event for me was that I got to meet a dozen people I had been exchanging Tweets with for years in person, and of course we became fast friends.

Me and my new Twitter Bestie @heyLauraFreed sad at having to turn in the iPads
 we had signed out for the afternoon.

I am very proud to be part of the United Way's Twitter Corp!
It seems as though we all  have a passion for Bucks County, Shopping Locally, Land Preservation,
Charity Work, Good Food and Social Media.
@RickToone, @jenphillipsapri, @DonLafferty, @KristieFinnan, @heyLauraFreed,
@pinkeandbrowne and @BuxMontNews

(L) James Erickson, Director of Education & Community; PA Assoc. of Non Profits
(R) Jamie Haddon, CEO & President, United Way Bucks

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And Now..
A fitting post from February, 2011

"For the first five years I lived here, my best friends were 3 ten-year-olds and a dog.
Sure, I had the friends I had grown up with an hour away, but... they were an hour away! 
Makes grabbing a quick cup of coffee, borrowing a book or a cup of flour, almost impossible.

 When I stopped commuting into Philly and took a job in
Bucks County, I did begin to meet people over the age of ten, most of them whom I'm still in touch with.

But it wasn't til Twitter that I met a brilliant new bunch that I enjoy chatting with on so many levels.
It was as if I asked Twitter for all the characteristics I look for in a friend...
a love of reading, a love of writing, an unbelievable sense of humor, genuine creativity, and passion for the community... and got exactly what I wanted in return.

I'm dedicating today's blog to my Twitter friends, local and otherwise.
You know who you are, and I thank you."

    @MichFalcone, @DoylestownPatch, @cbenchman, @hgolightly12 at @86West Tweetup.
                  Feb. 2011                        Photo Credit:  @durhamtownship

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Only in Bucks County: Nina's Waffles

Imagine opening a door, stepping into a store, and being surrounded by the best aroma ever.
An aroma up there with the scent of your favorite perfume, Christmas trees, or a really good vanilla candle. And along with this delightful, unmistakable aroma, imagine that this store is just as visually appealing!
 The store is colorful, whimsical, warm, and pleasant inside.
The aroma is of caramel, dough, sugar, warmth, chocolate and sweetness.
 The door is in New Hope, PA.
 The door opens into Nina's Waffles, which has been open for a few months now.

The first one I had was naked.
I said, "I have never had a waffle like this." You will say, "I have never had a waffle like this."
Nina's Waffles are delicious. They are different. They are addictive. They are special.
Some of the words that come into my mind to describe them:
Caramel   Yeast   Dough  Chew  Crunch   Texture
Organic  Warm   Wholesome   Dense  Sugary

Since I'm a photographer and not really a writer, I'm not going to tell you their history, or what ingredients make Nina's Waffles so unique!  But I am going to tell you that we've been there six times already, and share the photos that I took.  Now you just have to go to 31 W. Mechanic Street, New Hope PA and check this little gem out for yourself...

Waffles and waffle bites.

 Pearl Sugar is one of the secret ingredients!

                                                       Nutella is a natural.

Top your hot, fresh waffle with one of these homemade treats.
The Brazillienne is a comination of coffee and chocolate and it's amazing!

My mom and her BFF Carolyn

Chocolate lovers... try the frozen chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache on yours.

The shop is adorable and oh-so welcoming!

Moms love ice cream!

Save me the last bite! Smothered in rich chocolate ganache.

 Did I forget to mention they also have O Wow Cow Ice Cream for your waffles?

Nina's makes a great cup of coffee too.

The photo you weren't supposed to see ;)
Partner Shawn "Cakes" preparing my Apple Tatin waffle bites. With a blowtorch!

I'm normally a chocolate fan, but the Apple Tatin has won me over.
Caramel + Apples = Yum!

Nina's is a few blocks off of New Hope's Main Street .. right up the road from Karla's Restaurant
if you know where that is... so just look for the signs!

Nina's Waffles... the home edition.