Friday, May 4, 2012

Only in Bucks County: "This Town."

  After William Penn had laid out Philadelphia,
 his "great town" in 1682, he traveled north through a vast tract of land he had purchased from the local Indians. 28 miles northeast of Philadelphia, in the middle of trees that bordered a creek flowing to the Delaware River, he allegedly announced, "This is where I propose to build my 'New Town.'"

 In time, the name was shortened to Newtown, and for the past six years, this is where I've lived.

The main street... State Street, and especially Court Street ( in my opinion, the gem of Newtown)
 remind me very much of historic Society Hill in Philadelphia.
Newtown Borough is the perfect place to step back in time, or to take some photos!

Newtown's Summer Antique & Classic Auto Show.

State Street.

Court Street, Newtown Borough.

Halloween time.

 Maragret Thornton House, Court Street.

The Brick Hotel, circa 1763.

In the early 19th century, The Brick Hotel was a fashionable resort for wealthy Philadelphians
 who boated to Bristol and then took a coach to Newtown!

 Newtown Borough Residence.

Private Residence, Newtown Borough.

Interior of The Half-Moon Inn, Court Street.

 Half Moon Inn.

Fourth of July Parade.

Christmastime on Chancellor Street.

Bed for the Night... One Shilling.


After School.

November Afternoon.



State Street.

Store window at Thanksgiving time.

Secret Garden.

Court Street.

Philadelphia's Mummers visit Newtown.

Click and enjoy "This Town" by O.A.R 

 Remember to support YOUR town, and shop local.

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  1. We live in such a beautiful part of the world. Thanks so much for the time and love you put into these photos and these posts!
    Philip Stephano
    Pipersville, PA

  2. I'm flattered and honored by your response to my blog. Thank you, and see you on Twitter!