Friday, April 22, 2011

ReUseYourShoes; The Right "Fit" For Me!

I've always wanted to volunteer to help a local charity, but sometimes you have to wait until the right "fit" comes along. Three months ago I started volunteering for an organization that collects shoes for the homeless, ReUseYourShoes. The whole point was to benefit them in some way, but it turns out that volunteering for them has really benefited me. I have met some amazing people from local businesses here in Bucks County who've donated shoes or given their support. In a short amount of time, there have been many opportunities to get my friends and family involved in something much greater than ourselves. I'm really proud of our Calendar of Events for the next few months. Please let me know if you are interested in helping or if you'd like to hold a Shoe Drive. And if you find yourself with a Spare Pair To Share, here's where you can drop them off: Shoe Collection Locations . Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Talk about commitment! Sam & I got up at 6:00 am on a chilly Sunday to help out at an event!

We helped ReUseYourShoes collect used running shoes at a race with over 500 runners.

Sam killed "two birds with one stone" taking this shot for her Photojouralism class.

Here we wait for the first finishers to complete an early morning race.

We made friends with twins. Still don't know who's who.

Hangin' out at Coffee And Cream with local supporter Sarah Lawson from DoylestownPatch.

Sarah and I pose with some other new friends at a Bucks County Tweet-up.

Scott's dad volunteered with me at one of my very first shoe-sorts!

I had seen this neighbor at our community pool, now we're friends after hours of sorting shoes together.

Another new friend made after an evening sorting shoes at The Churchville Nature Center.

Sometimes, shoe sorting is not easy, but its always rewarding when you're done!

Once the shoes are sorted, we bring them to homeless shelters, like this one in Philadelphia.

ReUseYourShoes Founder Kevin Kane with my 15 yr old neighbor, Deanna.

I recently got us approved for Council Rock School District's Community Service Program.

Volunteering is really a great way for families to help while working together!

Sam is now 21, so we both enjoyed some Margaritas at a ReUseYourShoes Fundraiser!

Not sure who was funnier, the comedians at Poco's Comedy Club or Kevin Kane.

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  1. What an awesome post! Not only are you a great "tweep" but you are a wonderful & beautiful person that loves to help and have a good time. Thanks for sending me the link :) A nice end to my "boring" night!

    Barb (or @byouchah)