Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Jump Start Your Social Life

For the first five years I lived here, my best friends were 3 ten-year-olds and a dog. Sure I had the friends
I had grown up with an hour away, but... they were an hour away!  Makes grabbing a quick cup of coffee, borrowing a book or a cup of flour, almost impossible. When I stopped commuting and took a job in
Bucks County, I did begin to meet people over the age of ten, most of them whom I'm still in touch with.
But it wasn't til Twitter that I met a brilliant new bunch that I enjoy chatting with on so many levels.
It was as if I asked Twitter for all the characteristics I look for in a friend... a love of reading, a love of writing, an unbelievable sense of humor, genuine creativity, and passion for their community... and got exactly what I wanted in return. I'm dedicating today's blog to my Twitter friends, local and otherwise.
You know who you are, and I thank you.
    @MichFalcone, @DoylestownPatch, @cbenchman, @hgolightly12 at @86West Tweetup.  Feb, 2011
     Photo Credit:  @durhamtownship


  1. Love this post! It's exactly how I feel about Twitter too. When I moved to NJ I knew one man and two dogs. Twitter helped me meet so many people. Cheers to meeting you, Elisa!

  2. I Love Only in Bucks Photos, I also Like some of her friends and her dog Cody! Thee's alot of people on Twitter I Think are Nuts! Thank God for hooking me right up with a Sane one. I feel like a Train Robber Hijacking Your Followers. SO accept my apologys for doing so!! If you say someone is nice than I will follow, and thats that!

  3. So jealous of actual meetups!!!!!! Love it :)