Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Only in Bucks County: Frozen Flea Market Trip

Love retro antiques and collectibles?
         Don't be too jealous that The Golden Nugget Flea Market is exactly 10 miles from my house!

Today was a cold but sunny day in Newtown and I decided to take a ride to The Golden Nugget in Lambertville, NJ in search of some color and a change of scenery. I knew that even if I didn't find a little something special there to bring home, I'd pass through Washington Crossing State Park, still cloaked in white from a recent snowfall, which is always a treat. Actually, crossing the exceptionally narrow bridge from Yardley, PA into New Jersey without scraping mirrors with an opposing car is a treat in itself. It's one of those bridges that you need to pop your mirrors in before passing other vehicles. It doesn't scare me, I just go REAL   S - L - O - W...
Here are some photos from my visit!

 Pennsylvania side of Washington Crossing State Park.
 Frozen Canal Path in Titusville, NJ.

Flea Market finds. 
I collect old tins. I should have purchased this!

Who likes old postcards? Do you like them for the photos, or what they say?

Real glass ornaments, probably from the 50's.
                         I adore vintage ornaments. This photo will certainly be a holiday card next year!

    I kind of adore vintage Martini Shakers too :)

The Golden Nugget Market came to be in the 1970's.

I think we had these lamps in my childhood- ha ha!

I often wonder why I'm so attracted to the fabulous 50's?

Though there's clothing, furniture, artwork and jewelry, I gravitate towards housewares.

                                                                                      Tiki Party, anyone?
These are the only things I bought!
 I love retro cookbooks, and to read anything about Entertaining, Etiquette, or Manners.

Found this sad letter from 1892.

 More vintage ornaments.
 I'd LOVE to try this camera for a day.


I'd love to have this WHOLE collection!

                          Antique Sled in great condition.
 Old Bicycle, also in great shape.

Icy Canal in Titusville, NJ.
Probably my favorite photo of the day!
I also collect old Salt and Pepper shakers --
but I didn't find any that jumped out at me today...
Maybe next time...

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