Thursday, May 29, 2014

Only in Bucks County: Bucks County's Most Challenging 5K

Hey Piggies!

Who runs almost two miles, eats an ENTIRE QUART of ice cream, then takes off to run another 1.6 miles? These folks did!
Last July, I was invited to photograph a unique event called "Jog n' Hog" at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, Bucks County. The participants jogged about two miles, stopped to hog on a ridiculous amount of ice cream, then jogged two miles back.
Since it was in National Ice Cream Day, and since Shady Brook Farm has it's own on-site Creamery, a quart of Uncle Dave's Homemade Ice Cream was chosen for the runners to 'pig out' on! 
Uncle Dave's Vanilla Beanie was the chosen flavor because of its smoothness and creaminess.
Race entrants were welcome to bring their own toppings! 


                                                                       Before the Hog.

               Preparing to hog!
The Official Pace Pig will once again run the course this year at Shady Brook Farm. 
Will your token say "I Beat The Pig", or "The Pig Beat Me"?

 With almost two miles more to run, it looks as though they can't believe they ate the whole thing.
WHOLE HOG OR HALF HOG... that is the question! 
The bravest runners registered in the “Whole Hogger Division,” and consumed an entire quart of ice cream at the race’s halfway point. Those who were less confident in their ability to "pig out" mid-run signed up to be "Half Hoggers," and had to wolf down only a pint of ice cream.

                                               First woman to cross the finish line! 
                                                          Her award. I'm jealous!
And so, the Third Annual Jog n' Hog race at Shady Brook Farm featuring
 Uncle Dave's Homemade Ice Cream is set for July 20, 2014!
You KNOW you want to try this!!
Click here to register!
          J.P. Allen of Wired 96.5, with a little brain freeze.

A double scoop of Uncle Dave's Billionaire's Chocolate.
Hey, what can I say... I'm in training!

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