Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lambertville's Don't Toss It

I was an art major in college, so I like to own a ton of art supplies should a project come up, and have hoarder tendencies -- especially when it comes to different papers, card stock, and stickers. 
I also appreciate collectibles. Not really antiques, but collectibles. Fun little items that somebody else once owned; that perhaps have some whimsy or some history to them. 
I'm a big fan of finding unwanted items a new home, or breathing new life into something that's been discarded.
So when a delightful combination of all of the above, Don't Toss It, opened in nearby Lambertville New Jersey, I was not only intrigued to check it out, but a little jealous that owners Pamela Chamberlain and Nora Matthews turned many of my hidden passions into a profitable business that kept 10 tons of unwanted art supplies and household items out of the landfill in their first year. 



Hand sanded painted palette table ~ gorgeous!
What makes Don't Toss It different, and I believe will allow it to remain a success, is that it's more than just a reuse marketplace. The owners are making a stellar effort to recycle arts and crafts supplies back to the artists and teachers in their community, while it's also an entire re-use center, offering hands on workshops, BYOB painting classes, and private parties making projects from interesting, yet unwanted, items. Membership which includes a private locker and 10 hours of studio time each month is also available. 

Moreover, Don't Toss It is also a boutique a gallery of repurposed works by artists from all over the United States. There is much to see, the merchandising is fantastic, and the coolness factor of the space; in a huge cement-floored basement of an 1850's brick building-- is off the charts!
 (Yet another Guy Fieri reference.)

 Sofa bench, throw pillows, coffee table and wooden flag art, dragonfly piece~ all one hundred percent repurposed. 

Antique glass and sea glass. 
I asked Nora to find me the weirdest thing in the store and she came up with this :)


There are so, so many unique repurposed pieces of art  throughout the store. 
The best part is, the pieces of art are always changing.
                         I'm in love with this table made out of old palettes. Look at the legs!

Don't Toss It is a crafter's paradise. You'll get a million ideas how to creativity reuse your own supplies after just one visit, and you'll probably find some supplies and a repurposed item or two you'll want to take home. And gifts!!! With the holidays coming up, I'd recommend shopping here for original pieces of art. Since everything's repurposed, prices are very reasonable for a unique find. 
(FYI, these are cupcake liners)
Don't Toss It is not a consignment shop. And you won't get a slip a donation slip for taxes. 
Don't Toss It is a for-profit model with the number one intention of waste reduction, and bringing AWARENESS to waste reduction through creative repurposing.
Do you have palettes, postcards, or plastic buttons that you no longer want? 
Don't Toss It! Bring them to Don't Toss It instead and they will most certainly find a new home!
Don't Toss It is located at:
204 N. Union Avenue
Lambertville NJ 08530

Store hours are 
Wed thru Sat 11am- 6 pm
Sundays 11 am- 3pm
Donations can be dropped off at any time, but please click here first
for lists of what is recyclable and desirable, and what cannot be accepted. 
Found a little something to add to my antique biscuit tin collection.
"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." -
 ~Albert Einstein


  1. Elisa, I don't know how you find all these places but Don't Toss It looks very interesting. Patricia and I would like to visit!

  2. Iv'e read through the last handful of months of your blog posts...it makes me so happy! Really aesthetically pleasing and informative. You could have your own "Bucks County Visitors Center." You remind me that i NEED to make time to explore the area on foot and take photos of autumn here while its still vibrant. I have only been using my iPhone out of convenience purposes but its not at all ideal. You've inspired me.