Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Only in Bucks County: Where Am I?

Where am I? 
Here is the first set of clues... things that I see as I approach this magical place.


Where am I?

Does anyone know yet? 
Let me get a little closer to the front of this magnificent building and see if anyone knows!

 Gargoyles and statues galore, but I am not in 18th century England ;)
Where am I? 

Do you need a another clue?
I'll walk around back and post a few photographs from there. There are even more animals in the back. 
Let's see if this helps:

Where am I? 
I'll stand back a bit....  that should give you some perspective. 

Where am I? 
can tell you this. I'm not at a fancy European estate.
I'm not in Victorian England... or the Scottish Countryside... or Wintertime in France.
I'm in a very public place here in Bucks County, and here is a little more of the scenery I'm seeing as I walk around:

Where am I? 
If I have you guessing still, here's another clue.
Not only are there "animals" all over the property, there are people too. In statue form!

Statues, STATUES, everywhere.
Where am I? 

Still don't know? 
This not-so-secret place also boasts a formal Italianate garden, which is interesting to visit any time of the year.

Where am I?
Let's recap. We've got a French Norman Mansion with gargoyles galore.
This sculpture garden overlooks a formal walled garden. 
The property sits high on a hill in back, with views of the Neshaminy Creek. 

Where am I?
Still stumped? 
I'm at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA! 

A walk around Tyler Mansion and Gardens is always a special treat. 
I took my parents this past Spring and we had a picnic. Felt like we were in old England for the afternoon.
If you are interested in visiting Tyler Mansion and Gardens, the College appreciates it if you will go on weekends when classes are not in session. Pull up and park as close to Tyler Hall as you can, then walk around to the back on the left side of the mansion to get to the Orangery area and gardens.
Click here for more information on the history of this wonderful (and secret!) Bucks County attraction.

"If there is on Earth a house with many mansions, it is the house of words."
E.M. Forster

"Selfie" taken walking around Tyler's grounds in the snow and 24 degree weather ;)


  1. E, I guessed halfway thru. My daughter did summer camp there and I was able to walk.around while visiting. A local treasure!

  2. Hubby works at the college and never bothered when I have to visit, but I will now :)

  3. Iv'e read through the last handful of months of your blog posts...it makes me so happy! Really aesthetically pleasing and informative. You could have your own "Bucks County Visitors Center." You remind me that i NEED to make time to explore the area on foot and take photos of autumn here while its still vibrant. I have only been using my iPhone out of convenience purposes but its not at all ideal. You've inspired me.