Thursday, August 20, 2015

Only in Bucks County: Eight years of Grange Fair

   My Instagram and other social media were flooded with photos of the Middletown Grange Fair over the weekend-- but in case you didn't get your fix-- or for those of my readers who don't live in Bucks County, I wanted to share the photos that I took. The Grange Fair is an annual five-day fair that supports anything and everything to do with 4-H clubs, farming, and agriculture. Pardon the iPhone-only photos (not bad though, right??) and pardon me for being a lil' tractor-crazy this year!


My rebel.

 Antique tractors ranged from 1900 to the 1970's


He was attracted to anything that had a running engine ;)
I was happy to go to this huge country fair, that to me absolutely SCREAMS Bucks County,
 for my 8th year.
A fully operational belt driven Corn Sheller from 1892.
                                  (Dancing tractors choreographed to loud music)

Wrightstown's smallest peppers

 "I consider the work of the 4-H Club in building character one of the finest undertakings
in all America." ~ Albert S. Goss, Master, National Grange, 1948



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  1. Last year was my first visit, I'm sorry I missed it this year, it's a lot of fun.