Friday, December 14, 2012

Only in Bucks: The Best Gift Card in Bucks County

How cool is this???!!!!

O Wow Cow Creamery is gifting its customers one of my notecards, with images taken all around Bucks County, along with each 2012 Holiday Gift Card purchased!

For those of you NOT familiar with Owowcow, they make the best ice cream in all of Bucks County.
Not only that, the Owowcow family seeks to support local farms and farmers by purchasing all the ingredients they can locally!  The ice cream is hand crafted daily, and it's pure, organic, chemical-free and delicious, with the emphasis on local. Freshly baked cookies and pies, Bucks County roasted coffee, and crafts and jewelry by local artisans fill both shops! It makes them feel great to work with all these amazingly talented Bucks County people. And since Owowcow is supporting local artists like me, I wanted to return the favor by posting some photos of the lovely items you can purchase at either store with an Owowcow Holiday gift-card.

Locally produced honey from Mondjack Apiaries,
the same honey used in some of the ice cream to add to the flavor and texture!
Garden Berries, a blend of four Bucks County backyard berries...
...Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Bilberries.
Savor a scoop of Cashew Caramel.        
 Honey Lavender Shortbread cookies baked by Susan Kahn of Blooming Glen.
With lots of butter, and organic lavender from Peace Valley Lavender Farm in Doylestown.
 Baked from scratch each week!

Another baker friend, Dawn drops off fresh-baked Galettes (think: free-form pie)
using local and seasonal fruits each week.

You can always try a "5 for $5.55!"

Adorable stud earrings by local Artisan friend Susan Forker aka "JoeyFiveCents"
Her 12mm silver plated earrings boast a little snippet of something retro from
 an old postcard...

                    Soap by Milkhouse Soap Co.
The most scenic little farm in Newtown, Milkhouse Farm, now makes soap from natural ingredients. Owowcow picks up new soap every few weeks to ensure quality and pureness.
$4.50 and up.
 Blood Orange Raspberry Cone.
Look for special Blood Orange Cranberry this winter!

                               A kiddie cup ~ $2.99 with tax.   iPhone photo courtesy of @herbg.

Have a huge slice of apple pie for $2.50 ~
A la mode or not, that is the question!
 Dawn's delicious Pumpkin Currant and Apple Crumb Galettes.
 I don't know a college kid or sophisticated teen who wouldn't love one of these!
Fun and funky handmade Cocktail rings and wraps are great with any outfit.
Each one uniquely crafted in Doylestown.
 All rings and wraps feature a one-of-a-kind
vintage paper design in resin, rimmed with brass.
 Enjoy a double scoop of Rosewater Cardamom~
Fragrant, sweet rosewater balances out the Indian spice Cardamom in a unique way.
A "must try!"
Local On A Stick!
A special Indonesian Vanilla ice cream blend covered in Barry Callebaut fine European chocolate.
Barry Callebaut is actively engaged in initiatives and projects that contribute to a more sustainable cocoa supply chain. This is the best chocolate in the world!
                             Like bees? Pick up some Milkhouse Soap Co. handmade honeybee soap
or local honey by Bill Mondjack!

Owowcow carries a little bit of the best of everything in Bucks County,
 especially Fair Trade, organic coffee roasted by The Coffee Scoop, LLC of Pipersville, PA.
Fresh roasted coffee comes in whole bean,
so ask a staff member to grind it to your liking!
 More Holiday Flavors making their way in to the case this week!
Look for Cannoli Cream, Spumoni, Torrone, Sambuca Cream
and Tiramisu (with real Espresso-drenched Lady Fingers) soon.
A good way to Buy Local!
Want to be the star of that dinner party you were invited to?
Walk in with a 9 piece Sampler!
Nine 12 ounce containers of your choice of ice cream in a custom-made stamped wooden crate.
               A double dip Chocolate Sprinkle Waffle Cone for the girl, and a kiddie cup for the dog.
Under $10.00

A pint of Sweet Honey Cream, one of the purest ice creams offered.
                            $5.99 before tax
                                       BEST SELLER!
                                             Spritz this Lavender scented Sheet spray from Peace Valley Lavender
                                                  Farm on your linens for a most relaxing night's sleep!

Local Lemon Ginger Shortbread Cookies by Bucks County Cookie Co.
These pair incredibly well with Owowcow's Lemon Ginger Ice Cream, a light and creamy lemon flavor with pieces of real ginger from Blue Moon Acres Microgreen Farm in Buckingham.

             Don't worry- there are gluten free options at the Cow too!
           Snickerdoodles by Newtown baker Betsy Hunt come in fresh every Tuesday,
      along with her gluten free Chocolate Chip cookies and Oatmeal Raisin cookies.

                       A Classic Banana Split... 3 scoops of ice cream, 3 homemade toppings,
real whipped cream... and an organic banana. Made to share.
$7.25 and worth every penny!

       Staff  Member Shawnie takes a break...
                      ...with what else? A Strawberry Shake!

                    Honey Lavender on a cone ~ this is another unique flavor combination
with both key flavor components coming from local farms that everyone should try.
 Try 5 for $5.55! 
 Four kids?
Four kiddie cones!

                                            Try a Root Beer Float with Virgils Root Beer
                                          and one of three different kinds of Vanilla ice cream!
                               Actually, you should just try some Virgils Root Beer on its own.
                    Microbrewed with all-natural herbs & ingredients, and unbleached pure cane sugar.
                                    Chilled bottle of Virgils... $1.89

Tall Order Waffle Cone!
 Two "Kiddies" for the kids.. $5.98 including tax.
                  Just look at those faces!

Mocha Latte Chip ice cream "sandwiched" between chocolate cookies.

Specially baked Pumpkin Whoopie Cookies by Bucks County Cookies, with
Madagascar Vanilla in between.
         Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches are $4.00 each.
                                                      Seasonal Favorite Candy Cane Chip.


                                        The best milkshakes in Bucks County!

Jacqueline spins a shake:
Owowcow also makes its own Vanilla, Chocolate, and Espresso milkshake syrups
using only the finest ingredients.

 Jacqueline's younger sister...
 Don't they look alike?
Ice Cream Date.
Summer 2012

Wonderful lavender scented lotion from Farm Partner Peace Valley Lavender Farm.
                         Local lotion anyone? It makes a great gift!
                                               $12.00 - $15/00

                                                         Nothing better than a Cookies & Cream Shake
                                                                    with a few pumps of real chocolate syrup!
                                                                    Honey for your honey?
One pound jars of raw honey, picked up monthly from Mondjack Farms are only $7.50 each.

Do you see the (Malted Milkshake) cup as half empty... or half full?
        A split scoop of Cinnamon Bourbon topped with Eggnog. 
$3.90 including tax.
Choose two flavors of ice cream with a layer of one of their house-made, organic toppings in the center; homemade whipped cream frosting;
and naturally colored Buttercream for the decoration.



Don't you wish you were the little girl Ishani who received this cake?
How darling are those all-Strawberry mini cones??!!
 Every day the staff dips Waffle cones in Wilbur Milk Chocolate, 
then rolls them in crushed candy canes, slivered organic almonds, toasted coconut, or sprinkles.

Same goes for Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods:

            Boy do I love GINGERBREAD! And Shortbread!
These seasonal Ginger Spice cookies by Bucks County Cookie Co. ROCK!
They have a mellow spice flavor with nutmeg, ginger, cloves,
     and even a touch of black pepper for an extra little kick.

Speaking of an extra kick... here's a double scoop of Chocolate Jalapeno.
Who do you think would like this combination of rich, dense chocolate with a spicy twist?

Apple Galette with apples from our neighbors at Solebury Orchards. 
Galettes $9.99
Cup of fresh brewed locally roasted coffee $1.59
                                                 Stock up on hand-packed Pints and Quarts!
                                 Pints are $5.99; Quarts are $11.84.

 Look for plenty of copper and deerskin suede wrap bracelets by JoeyFiveCents 
"on hand" at the Wrightstown store-- they double as a choker as well.
If this was Instagram, I'd hashtag them as #trendy!
 Who couldn't resist a tee shirt from Owowcow?
Kids $10 Adults $16
Get them while they last!

Owowcow Tee-Shirts were hand screened by graphic artist Val Sivilli
 of Civilian Art in Hunterdon County.
 A cup of organic Pumpkin Caramel Pecan... priceless.
Only kidding! This cup costs $3.90 including tax.
Two hand dipped chocolate pretzel rods and a kiddie-sized scoop
 (of Candy Cane Chip)
will cost you less than five dollars!
                                          Six cones or cups...
                                                 less than $25 bucks to take the whole family for a sweet treat.

Two 2-scoop cones, two Milk House Farm sheep soaps, and a "wrap" for big Sis.
Natural honey in raw (unstrained) or regular.
 Fall Favorite!
Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Pie w an organic graham crumble crust.
homemade caramel, and Bourbon Whipped Cream.
Serves 6-8

No sibling rivalry here...
This Brother-Sister Duo each chose
Tahitian Vanilla in a chocolate dipped rainbow sprinkle cone!

 Treat your friend to a regular, while YOU enjoy a Medium... for under $10.00
~The Shake Rattle and Float Girls~
No fake stuff in the cold beverages at the Cow, all sodas and ice teas
are chemical-free, and made with real Cane Sugar.
Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwiches.
Pizelles are baked in-house every Friday, and are most popular with Amaretto Fudge Swirl,
Baileys Irish Cream, Eggnog or Espresso Bean in between.
 The staff eagerly awaits!
 Get in the spirit and bring your family in for a holiday treat!
                       ... ANY CARD!


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