Sunday, July 14, 2013

Only in Bucks County: Farewell to a Friend- The Inevitable Blog Post

On June 25th, the twins and I scattered Cody's ashes at Tyler State Park.
From the very first time we visited there, I knew we would eventually do that.
Living only five minutes away, we went to Tyler Park often. Cody liked sitting on the sun-warmed rocks; she liked to walk along the shaded trails, but what she really loved was splashing around in the shallow water of the Neshaminy Creek. It became a special place for us. A happy place... a place that evoked peace and calm and sun and earth and nature and contentment. It's where she belonged. It was inevitable.
I've also known that this blog post was inevitable.
It's a tribute to Cody - a way to celebrate her happy, gentle, sweet and silly existence in photos.
Please don't be sad! 
Because looking back through these old pictures brings me joy and light-heartedness.
It makes me smile to see a much-loved dog who was always included in events and became a star no matter where we went.
Whether we were outside walking, hanging out around the house, or driving around taking photos of Bucks County, Cody was always with me... discovering, exploring and enjoying life ... right by my side.

Tyler State Park, Summer 2010. 


She was a best friend to many!
These are photos from our very first visit to Tyler State Park in 2006. 
They were taken with my first digital camera, a clunky Sony Mavica that recorded pictures onto a floppy disk! Four or five cameras later, a lot has changed, but the calm I feel within a few seconds of entering the park, especially once I see the water, hasn't changed at all.

                                           There could not have been a better dog for me!



C. with her beloved DADDY!

  She was ALWAYS the center of attention. See what I mean?

 It's funny. She got older, and slower, and I just got used to it.
In many of these photos, she's tethered to something; reminding me how she use to take OFF at the scent of a rabbit, at the sound of a squirrel in a tree. It's been a long time since she ran after a critter in the field behind our house, dragging the patio table with her. Or jumped out of the window of my Jeep in my parents' driveway. A neighbor reminds me how one day she looked out her front window to first see a rabbit run by, then a second rabbit run by, then Cody running by to try and catch the rabbits, followed by her daughter running to try and catch Cody, with me frantically trying to catch them all! This makes me giggle. Scott still animates the story about the time she slipped out of her collar to chase a cat around and around a car; he tried so hard to catch her that his shoes flew off.
And again, this makes me smile.




  She was always included; always with her friends.
 Bucks County Tennis Association's
Scooby Doo Tennis Ball Hunt
Run The Basin 5K, Richboro PA. 
                        Riding around Newtown....
            A trip to Tyler Park usually resulted in a bath!




                                           Getting some love from the twins in 2011....

                                                            ...and in April, 2013 
We were so fortunate that she never really got sick - just slower - and sweeter.

I think I enjoyed taking care of Cody as a senior dog more than when she was younger.

Although a trip to Tyler Park required more effort than it had in the past, we were blessed that she wsa able to do enjoy what she always did.


                                                                        Early Fall, 2012

Cody loved the snow too! She had the thickest, healthiest winter coat.
Our Vet used to tell me how beautiful she was, and how lucky she was to have a healthy coat.


                    "Until one has loved a dog,
                                                                                         a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
                                                                                                                       -Anatole France

Cody Ivy, January 6, 2000 - June 12, 2013.

She touched us all, and lives on in our hearts, forever.
It took me a month to process it all, and of course I miss her,
 but I am filled with love when I see these pictures.
I mean, just LOOK at this happy, sweet dog just waiting to go on her morning walk.
This photo was taken just six days before Cody passed away, at age 13 & a half. 
It makes me happy to see that she was so happy in her last days.
Again, DON"T BE SAD!
As you can see, she had a wonderful life.
 I've already been to Tyler Park three or four times since I started this post.
I took this photo at twilight the other night and it's one of my favorite photographs I've ever taken.
I'll bet Cody had something to do with that....

"And if I listen to, the sound of white,
Sometimes I hear your smile, and breathe your light."

-Missy Higgins, The Sound of White


  1. This is one of the greatest tributes ever. You and Cody were destined to cross paths and share your lives together.
    Thank you for sharing such precious memories and amazing photographs of Cody's life. She truly did have a wonderful life, surrounded by so much love.
    The photo in Tyler park is a gift from Cody, thanking you for always seeing the beauty in life and sharing it with all.

  2. She'll be missed! I loved saying hi to Cody Dog, she was so beautiful. A gentle giant <3

  3. Your pictures of Cody are just pawsome. It is a story of her life... her spirit lives with her paw prints on so many hearts<3

    1. Your new profile pic of Gracie is just pawsome!

    2. Thanks Elisa.. Gracie is hard to take photos of. She hides her face on me;) She's Not Like Cody was - A Natural Fur Model <3

  4. Dogs know things that we as people can only imagine, like how to give unconditional love, how to forgive endlessly and without limit, the true meaning of friendship, and how to share their special gift of love to everyone......except cats, squirrels, possums, and various assorted small animals too many to mention. But in the end, they teach us things we otherwise would never have had the joy of knowing.

  5. Awesome testimonial for Cody, we can tell she was loved. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I never met Cody but I can tell by your photos she was a happy girl! She was lucky to have you and the rest of your family to give her a wonderful life. Sending my Love....

  7. I'm gonna made me think of my long gone pooch, Cleome.

  8. Awwww Cody was one lucky pooch! You girls both saved each other in a way and I know that she'll never be forgotten <3 XO ~Ash

  9. That was beautifully worded and I am so happy that Cody had you and you had Cody for so long!

  10. Elisa,
    I am SO SO sorry to hear about Cody. I hope you’re doing OK. Your photos of Cody are beautiful, and so is your writing.
    Sending hugs from behind your old desk…

  11. That is absolutely beautiful! The pictures and the anecdotes go so well together and really show the love you two shared! She really had the best life and she was just as lucky to have you as you were to have her! I smiled the whole time I read that haha she is just so happy and she definitely is so peaceful and happy now resting in Tyler. I love the pics of you and her from the first visit! Those deserve to be framed and proudly displayed. Love love love it! -K.

  12. What a wonderful tribute. You'll see Cody at the rainbow bridge one day!!

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute. Cody was a fabulous dog!

  14. Elisa...
    These pics made me cry and smile...although we have never met..I feel like I have known you forever..I loved hearing about her funny days and her face always made me laugh...I too as you know love my Ceili and Seamus so much..the last yr they have got me through liver cancer, terrible lupus pain and I would be lost without them..hold those memories close, and know that they love us with everything they got...we are lucky to have them in out ya girlie....XOXO

  15. What an unusual dog! What kind was she?

  16. Excellent post. An amazing life for a truly amazing spirit. But I still cried looking at the pic 'cause I'm like that. #Cody

  17. Beautiful dog. Beautiful family. Beautiful tribute.

  18. "Equal to the love you make."

  19. Elisa, I'm sorry for your loss of Cody, I know you were very close. On one hand there will be an empty space in your life, on the other hand she is forever in your heart, and you are forever changed.

  20. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. You were a gift to each other!

  21. This was just beautiful. Cody was a HAPPY dog, filled with a family that couldn't love her more!

  22. What a beautiful tribute. I feel like I knew Codi after reading your blog. Her happy, sweet, loving nature and her joy for life just shine through. And the special bond the two of you shared is something I hope you'll always cherish. I'm sure she's right there by your side as you find your way through Tyler. I just enjoyed your writing so much. I'm teary eyed and smiling all at the same time.

    1. what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. what a wonderful life she had with you. Your pictures tell the story, and when you look into Cody's eyes, she can speak to you.

  23. No other word to say but.......AMAZING. I hope many more people can see this and do the right thing and adopt an animal in the shelter or a homeless one. They bring so much joy to you because they know you saved them......

  24. Friends of Washington CrossingJuly 17, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    I love the photos and the style in which you write. The quotes you've selected are just perfect.

  25. What a beautiful tribute. Your words and pictures touched me in so many ways. I am an advocate for shelter dogs, and have loved and miss those who were my family. It makes me happy to see how much Cody was loved.

  26. This was very beautiful - thanks for sharing,

  27. You can feel the love in these photos...thank you for giving Cody such an amazing life :) What a beautiful tribute! Your friends in adoption at the Pennsylvania SPCA

  28. I never met Cody, but this story reinforces that our pets pick us! What a beautiful life, and a great story! Brought tears to my eyes, I wish all dogs could have such a wonderful and caring family as Cody did!

  29. Heartfelt, Heartbreaking, Heartwarmimg....Cody will watch over you and her successor (I know there is one) and smile again!!!

  30. What a tribute...what a life!! This is what every animal deserves. I know I wasn't supposed to cry while reading it, but it was so beautiful that I couldn't help it. Rest easy, Cody. You sure were loved.

  31. Such a beautiful tribute to an amazing friend.
    Cody was one of and will always be one of my favorite dogs I never met.
    Seeing her face in photos alway made me smile and brightened my days.
    She couldn't have had a better family. Thank you for sharing your girl.
    RIP sweet Cody. You will forever live in the hearts of us all.

  32. This is truly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. It is an amazing tribute to Cody. I am heart broken for your loss but I also know what a joy it is to have the opportunity to love a furry friend, if only for what seems to be a short while.

  33. What a tribute. She was a beautiful dog!
    I realize you live in Bucks aunt and uncle live in Doylestown. That's near you right?
    Small world!

  34. Great post! Cody's manner reminds me of my child childhood pet. A boxer named Kojak. He was an awesome dog, so smart. LKH

  35. That's so sweet. Thank you for sharing your love for Cody and your joy of living in Bucks County.