Sunday, October 5, 2014

Only in Bucks County: Our Very Own Renaissance Fair

Every Fall I notice big wooden signs for the Wrightstown Renaissance Fair spread throughout Newtown and Yardley. I never knew that the entire event was put on by the charming little Village Library to benefit the Library, so that in itself promoted me to grab the twins and go.

What a great job they did getting all the actors and actresses and props together to convert the Fairgrounds into a huge Mid Evil village! There was lots to see, color everywhere, and we really enjoyed being transported into a different time.


The admission fee was only $5 and so much was included. I would call the Wrightstown Renaissance Fair the perfect family excursion for parents with kids age 5 to 13. It's a fun family festival filled with history, crafts, interactive games, entertainment, and oddities.

                                                     You guessed it... Rat-a-pult.




This is SO Juliet.
                                                          This is SO Michelle.



                        Shameless Selfie.

                                                       You really need to go next year!
Remember, all proceeds go to The Village at Wrightstown Library.
PS: The word "Renaissance" is really starting to look funny. I've spell-checked it about fifty times.

"Humor is the great thing, the saving thing.
The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away
 and a sunny spirit takes their place.”
~Mark Twain

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