Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Only in Bucks County: "They Canceled Halloween?"

They canceled Halloween?
These words ring like a bad April Fools joke to kids all around Newtown, Pennsylvania.

They canceled Halloween?
As a kid who was given a ton of freedom (and also one who was not growing up in a Communist country) I never thought that this was even possible.

Really they only postponed Halloween for a week. And intellectually I know that it was dark and cold and very unsafe on the 31st, but for the past week my inner child has been screaming, "They canceled Halloween??!!!!"

I mean, last year it snowed!

And with another storm expected, we just may not get a Halloween this year!

So here are some pictures of us celebrating Halloween around our house from years past.

 Candy for the kids:


Red Sangria for the rest of us.
                                                                   Or White Sangria if you prefer!

                                                   Aww!! Michelle at age 11.

                                                Michelle at 15.

         Our very welcoming house.


                                                            Actually, it's me below.

                                    Sloane and Rachel
Candy Necklaces
 Sugar Cookies
  Spider Rings!
Cody masquerading as a non-lazy dog.
Sloane and her friends.

                     (Mischevious) Miss Chevious.
 Hand dipped Caramel Apples.


                                  - AND THIS FOLKS, IS MY FAVORITE PHOTO EVER-

    Along with my best carved pumpkin ever!
Apparently, Elizabeth feels the same way I do about Halloween being canceled in her video

Q: Why was the Mummy so tense?
A: He was all wound up!


  1. Oh my god, these are the best pictures ever!!!!!! Are they doing Halloween tonight?
    I am bringing Jake if so.

  2. Love Love Love your pics -as always they are amazing and I really enjoy seeing them, thank you for sharing them.

    Hope you did not get any damage with storm Sandy, we just missed that storm by a fraction thank goodness.

  3. love the photos........Cody is really living the high
    thank you for thinking of me. miss you kiddo xxoo

  4. Seems like U have a great time on Halloween.
    U look wonderful, UR dog is cute and funny.