Thursday, October 1, 2015

Only in Bucks County: High Rocks and Ringing Rocks

High Rocks, Steep Rocks, Ringing Rocks... I just wanted to see lots of rocks!
And High Rocks State Park and 'Ringing Rocks" had been on my Bucks County Bucket List FOREVER. They are about 20 minutes apart in Upper Bucks, so I planned to visit them both in one day.

We started at High Rocks. Most people, especially rock climbers, enter High Rocks (aka Ralph Stover State Park) at ground level, where there are huge sections of 200 foot high rocks available to climb.
We wanted to find the Vista section of Ralph Stover Park. We parked in a tiny lot which led to a hiking trail that boasted beautiful vistas of treetops and the open sky, studded with fenced in lookout pavilions above the Tohickon Creek along the way.

Selfie stick pic ;)


This will be breathtaking in the Fall!

A peaceful country road on the way to Ringing Rocks.
Approaching Ringing Rocks Park.
Ringing Rocks is a smaller county park in located in Upper Black Eddy, PA.
It is a very wooded area that offers something wonderfully unique; a field of boulders, probably eight acres in size. But this geologic wonder isn't all, the reason this park is a famous day-trip destination is because the rocks... ring.
On the path to the boulder field. It's too difficult to explain the ringing rocks and all the theories as to why they ring, so if you'd like to learn more about these musical mysteries, click here - it's the best article I've found.
Ringing Rocks! Bring a hammer!
You'll notice that many of the rocks are chipped from being hammered away at.
 On the way to another wonder of Ringing Rocks Park - a natural waterfall:

Stopped at Tohickon Park on the way home and got our grill on!
Our reward for hiking two parks in one day.



  1. I love both of these places, conveniently located in a beautiful part of Bucks County. Did you go the the 'big' waterfall?

    1. We did! Some might say a bit anti-climatic after hiking all the way there, but I love seeing new things. Great blog post by the way!

  2. Coolness abounds in Bucks County.