Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Only in Bucks County: A Newtown Halloween Tradition

love living in a town that encourages artists, young and old, to paint the town red... oops...  I mean orange and black. 
Every year Newtown hosts the Halloween Art Scene, an event which was created to encourage the spirit of this spooky yet festive season. 
Newtown has been hosting this fun Halloween window painting party for many years. 
Local students and their families are invited to pick up a paintbrush and some acrylic paints and decorate to their hearts content. Store windows along State Street and Sycamore Street are taken over by ghosts and goblins, Frankenstein and friends, and many more of your favorite Halloween characters! 



Strolling down State Street in late October looking at all the colorful, clever and creative Halloween windows is something I never miss. This year over 125 residents grabbed a paintbrush and participated in the Halloween Art Scene, decorating over fifty Newtown windows. 
Sandwich shop haunts outside of Becki's Deli ;)



Nice weather is expected this weekend so you still have a few days to "window shop" and view windows like this one decorated by St. Andrew's Eighth Grade Art Club. 

Walk ins welcome- get it? ;)


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  1. Oh…I love these!!!!!!!!! Brings back such warm memories of our Halloweens together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!