Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only in Bucks County: 14,000 Images

Take seven SD cards with over 2,000 digital images on each. Add in seven New Years Resolutions mostly about sharing, showing more appreciation, and being more grateful, and not only will I be blogging more in 2012, I will be sharing a lot of photos that I have taken for my own pleasure, with you.

Photography is something I studied as part of my education as Painter/Illustrator many moons ago. It's always been a passion and has even provided me with some income over the years. Sometimes I shoot for color, composition, or subject matter. Other times I stumble upon lighting that I just can't pass by. People are most definitely my favorite thing to photograph, but believe it or not, so are flowers.


Milk House Farm (otherwise known as Slack Farm, Newtown)

                     Hydrangeas, my favorite.

"Bird-In-Hand" Newtown, PA
Please don't eat the daisies!

 Frenchtown, NJ.



Early March in Newtown, PA

"Watering" the flowers ;)

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