Saturday, January 28, 2012

Only in Bucks County: Everybody Wants The Blue One

Earlier this week, The Bucks County Convention and Visitors Bureau (@VisitBucksPA)
 asked this question via Twitter;
"I love Bucks County because of _________________."

My response?
"I love Bucks County because of its family farms and farm stands."

You wouldn't believe how many small, working farms there are just in Newtown.
As someone who likes to put the top down on my convertible and explore, and as a photographer and a foodie, I can say I've discovered dozens. The proprietors are all hard working people who love the land and struggle to offer us their very best. These are the same folks we run into at the post office, but they're dealing with issues like tomato blight, too much rain, or the dreaded cucumber beetle.
I've been given tours, history lessons, permission to take photos, and a warm welcome at them all.
 I support them in return. Here's a list of the farms and farm markets that I frequent,
many of them practically in my own back yard!

So the next time you see a sign that says "Zinnias Here," or "Pick your own Pumpkins,"
 or "Eggs for Sale;" go ahead and pull over! You'll have the opportunity to get your hands on some gorgeous hand-picked flowers or delicious home grown produce, support Bucks County agriculture,
and maybe hear a story or two.
Emily's Eggs.

Everybody wants the blue one.

Speaking of blue... blueberries from Shadybrook Farm.

 Colorful Swiss Chard.
Summer sunflowers.

 Slack Farm's Milhouse Farm Market.

Sungold Tomatoes.
Striped Stuffers at Milk House Farm.

An assortment of fresh, ripe, and inexpensive tomatoes.

Homemade Bruschetta!

Summer Squash

A cool, crisp snack.

Locally grown watermelon from Pete Taylor Farmstead.

Pumpkin time at Slack Farm.

Challenge your friends and family to Shadybrook Farm's amazing corn maze!

Wrightstown Farmers Market (Saturdays only)

Radishes in season.

Anchor Run Farm.

Pick your own tomatoes at Anchor Run Farm.

Early morning at Wrightstown Farm Market.

Eggplant Parmesan made from all local ingredients.

Zinnias at Thorpe Farm.

 Let us be reminded of the beauty of our land!

Note: These are the farms that I shop at within five miles of my house.
 If there are any that I've omitted or that you think I should visit, please let me know!


  1. Stop by Blue Moon Acres on 413 in Buckingham on a Tuesday or Friday between 10 and 4. We'd love to introduce you to some of our microgreens plus more and more organic produce as the season comes on.

    1. Marc, I've driven by Blue Moon Acres a zillion times! I would love to stop in, thank you.