Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Cakes (Almost) and The 30 Year Grudge

It's weird how things happen. I recently wrote a blog about a Philadelphia area institution known for steaks, ribs, and "shot and a half" drinks - then was hired (over the phone) the next week to start a photo blog for another Philadelphia institution, a wonderful bakery known for its freshly made Swiss pastries.

This is the bakery that my parents and grandparents went to on uber special occasions for their famous Hazelnut cake. I can still remember it ... spongy, moist, and nutty with layers of Swiss Vanilla cream filling, covered with rich dark chocolate shavings. Although its been years since I've had a slice, I can still taste it, and I was looking forward to working with the bakery that's been making this exact same cake and other delicious Swiss pastries for over 85 years.
I was excited to begin their blog for different reasons... because it would get me into the Center City again, because it would be my first paid blog in the food industry, and because the owner had told me over the phone that along with my monthly check, each month I could also choose a cake! We agreed I'd come take my first batch of photos in the next few days; and for two nights I imagined the photos I would take of authentic Black Forest Cake, Strawberry Swiss Rolls, and colorful European cookies.

Flash forward.

I walk in the door of this colorful place and enjoyable, sweet smells of sugar and bread hit me in the face.
And guess what else? The bakery owner, yup...the person who has hired me to create their blog,
ALSO once hit me in the face. Yep. There I am standing in front of the girl who punched me in front of my entire homeroom in the tenth grade.

The girl who punched me over a boy.

The girl I punched back, resulting in a whole lot of trouble for us both!

The girl who had been my best friend and whom I never spoke to again since that day.

The girl I sneered at with contempt each time I passed her in the hall for the remainder of high school.

Me, in my head..."What the WHAT? Since when do you own a Swiss Pastry shop?"

Most of you know me as a pacifist, one who doesn't like to cause trouble, and someone who avoids confrontation at all costs.
What you may not know is that this girl can also hold a grudge. I'm outta here.

So much for my free hazelnut cakes!

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  1. I sure didn't see that coming! Now that's funny!