Friday, January 6, 2012

Only in Bucks County: It's My Party and I'll Go To The Pub If I Want To!

There may very well be a steakhouse on every corner in Philadelphia these days, but when I was kid my parents took me to Frankie Bradley's, Arthur's, Old Original Bookbinders, or The Pub for my annual birthday dinner. Flash forward 47 years (today, to be exact) and the only one left standing is The Pub.
If you're from Philadelphia you've no doubt passed The Pub a million times... but who has eaten there, and more important, who still eats there? We do! The Pub, located in Pennsauken, New Jersey has become a new-old family tradition again for the past ten years. We were craving a good char-broiled steak and some nostalgia when we decided to go back!
Nothing has changed since 1970 (my earliest memory, at age five), which is such a good thing. The gi-normous dining room is still busy, even on a weeknight in the cold of January. Capable chefs prepare meats over an open hearth and good natured waitresses young and old, pile our table with food. My dad loves that the iceberg lettuce at the salad bar is cold and crisp, and the kids like that the just-from-the-hearth baked bread comes with a Pub knife stabbed through the center.
Our Table for 10.

             We love the decor that hasn't changed since the 1950's!

So glad that Sam is finally legal!
My dad absolutely adores a Pub Old-Fashioned.
One AND A HALF ounces are the standard pour for all drinks!

This girl loves classic choices from an earlier time.
We also love the show these guys put on.
                    Posing with Santa in the Coat Room.

Sam at 21.

Delicious-looking cakes in the cooler.

Arrangements were made ahead of time to bring a birthday cake.

 Thank God I didn't have to blow out 46 candles!

The waiter snuck all this cake to our table- one slice of every type they make!

So my mom went home with a whole stack of cake-leftovers.

Rest assured, this Bucks County girl and her family will be visiting The Pub sometime again soon!

(I'll also admit to stealing a menu.)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I thought The Pub closed decades ago! Who knew!
    Glad you had a happy celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday! Wow- a blast from the past -we also went there for birthdays.